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The Number One Christmas Karaoke Song

Year after year I have people can be found in my store or call the 1-800-KARAOKE line asking me exactly what is the most widely used Christmas Karaoke Song. Of course that’s open to debate and at the mercy of one’s personal viewpoint but, putting the original Christmas Songs aside, I’ve think of at least a high ten list, Ray Charles not really placed in order.

1. White Christmas (This is borderline traditional speculate it really is related to an artist, Bing Crosby, I’ve in the top ten)

2. Blue Christmas (Once again borderline traditional nevertheless the most widely used Elvis Christmas Karaoke Song)

3. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (The original Brenda Lee version featured her high, nasally voice but thank goodness for Karaoke you can add whatever voice which you have been gifted with)

4. Santa Baby (the versions by Madonna and Eartha Kitt offer a similar experience but Madonna’s is a bit more updated inside the requests that they is asking from Santa)

5. Please Come Home For Christmas (you’ll find karaoke versions provided by Ricky Van Shelton, Willie Nelson, and Bon Jovi however the hottest is still the original through the Eagles)

6. Grown Up Christmas List (this song is as simple as Amy Grant and tell you the truth I don’t recall ever hearing it but I get requests because of it each year)

7. Where Are You Christmas (by Faith Hill, another song that I personally cannot recall but is consistently requested)

8. Jingle Bell Rock (a politically safe song as Christmas or any other holiday is just not mentioned inside song. This song can be viewed a ‘seasonal’ song rather than Christmas Song; you will find many versions available but the original from Bobby Helms remains to be the most favored)

9. Mary Did You Know (another surprise request, at least for me personally, that comes in consistently inside the past couple of years; maybe since it’s a duet that people like the idea of singing this, like ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’)

10. Feliz Navidad (very popular as a result of it’s catchy tune and bilingual appeal)

Well I know it in fact is impossible to find a very good Christmas Song; I don’t even celebrate Christmas. If you are looking to acquire a karaoke disc containing the aforementioned top 10 I don’t have one. However I possess a karaoke disc which includes eight of the ten that I listed. This disc is new in 2010 and will possess a total of 18 songs; the songs on my own top ten which are not included are ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Feliz Navidad’. However it includes ‘Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer’ (does anyone really sing that song) and Christmas Songs from Mariah Carey, John Lennon, Paul McCartney plus much more.

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